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7 Cool Tips to Choose the Best Residential Solar Systems Installation Company

Discover top tips for selecting the ideal residential solar systems installation. Trust Awake Solar for unmatched expertise. To learn more tips, read the blog.

So, you’re looking forward to implementing your personal and eco-friendly methods to produce power. Great! However, choosing the right solar panel systems provider can be one of the most challenging phases of your solar buying process. When it comes to exploring the industry, we come across a massive number of residential solar companies in the market. It makes the affair even more complicated. Then, what to do? You can stay with the blog to know how to select the right residential solar systems installation company based in Houston.

In the modern realm, finding and adopting renewable energy sources is of huge significance. It has, in fact, become the need of the hour, given the ever-growing charges of utility bills. Also, the utilization of non-renewable energy sources is impacting our environment adversely and increasing carbon footprint. Meanwhile, innovative solar panels have erupted as the widely-accepted and efficient alternatives to the same. These solar systems have the potential to produce power through the heat of the sun.

Some highlighting benefits of installing residential solar panels;

Considering all these perks, you might be getting encouraged to get a ground-mounted or rooftop solar panel as per your requirements. But dealing with the right solar company is inevitable.

How to Choose the Best Residential Solar System Company?

Customers do require to carry a vigilant approach while selecting a solar energy system provider. It is a long-term investment. Hence, you want to connect with a responsible and certified service provider to prevent future hassles. Here are some crucial factors and parameters you can consider to weigh your solar panel company:

Do Your Research

You should embark on your journey to find the best solar company by doing research at your level. It includes visiting the local solar market personally or exploring the internet etc. You can spend a good time reviewing each company’s website to learn about their services, portfolio and experience. Also, you can take a glance at platforms i.e. Google Reviews, Yelp etc. to know about previous customers’ remarks.


Indubitably, younger companies are performing well in the industry. But going with an experienced solar provider is always appreciable. They know well how to deal with specific issues that could emerge in the future. You can check how consistent they are in their services and for how long they are in the industry. An experienced company, at least, ensures a greater peace of mind.

License and Insurance

These are other relevant aspects you should investigate during the selection process. Make sure to check if your solar company is having all the needed business licenses as well as insurance policies. Your provider of residential systems of solar panels must have at least a C-10 license and a general electrical contractor’s license. Electrician, home improvement, general contracting, or home performance contracting licenses are some other standard licenses.


Customers get solar panel warranties for performance and equipment differently. Your solar service provider’s warranty must go up to 25 years and 12 years for performance and equipment, respectively. However, there are some reputed solar installers that offer extended warranties of up to a few decades as well. Make sure you don’t fall prey to false promises with regard to warranties.

Payment Flexibility

Solar panel installations attract a substantial amount of money. Your solar company, therefore, should offer multiple payment options to ensure great flexibility. Various financing options include green energy loans, power purchase agreements, leasing methods etc. You can contemplate each one’s merits and demerits to choose the best for you.


Quality always matters whether you’re installing residential or commercial solar systems. A reputed and responsible solar panel company always pledges to deliver high-quality products to its customers. They look forward to creating long-term relationships with their prospects and this approach benefits both parties in the long run. Hence, make sure your solar panels are certified and as per market standards.

Installation Costs

Solar installation charges may vary from company to company. Some service providers are more competitive than others. Make sure your solar organization is following the cost-per-watt concept to determine the overall installation charges. It is the most usual and most straightforward approach prevalent in the market. You pay the charges as per your solar system’s size. Consider getting multiple quotes from solar companies to decide on the best choice for your project.


To sum up, installing a solar panel is a long-term commitment. You invest a sizable portion of your income to install a solar panel system in your residence. Hence, choosing the right service provider is extremely important. Avoid closing a deal with a company based on their cheap-priced services solely. You need to grab value-for-money products and excellent after-sale services.

Since it is a matter of decades, you should finalize a solar company that promises to take care of your panels through the years. If you still find the selection process confusing, simply get in touch with Awake Solar. It is a professionally-established solar panel company with extensive experience in the respective field. We offer top-notch quality solar panels for both residential properties and commercial sites. Customers can reach our professionals to get quotes now.