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Major Announcement: Awake Solar Awarded 1.5 MW Commercial Project in Houston

Awake Solar has been awarded a 1.5 MW commercial solar project in Houston. Read the major announcement from the leading solar energy company.

In honor of celebrating our 10th birthday, Awake Solar is thrilled to share some big news with you. We’re thankful for the opportunity to install one of the Houston area’s largest commercial solar systems. At 1.5 megawatts in capacity, this monumental project is 300x the size of the average residential installation than commercial projects installation. We're proud to bring solar energy to commercial customers eager to harness the sun’s abundance of clean energy. Just in time for our 10-year anniversary celebration. Awake Solar will be completing the installation of this commercial solar project in September.

We’ve Grown, and So Has Solar Power in Texas

For a decade, we’ve been helping Texans harness the sun. Whether for residential or commercial projects or properties. Also our customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to homegrown, zero-emissions solar energy. The past ten years have brought an abundance of new opportunities to Awake Solar and our customer family. From small 5-kilowatt systems to 400-kilowatt large installations, we’ve been growing with the needs of those we serve.

People Over Profits, A Recipe For Success!

What makes Awake Solar shine among the competition? Our values. While some solar providers put profits over people, Awake Solar always keeps your best interest front and center. That’s why we don’t offer solar leases, which too often become a financial obstacle that homeowners struggle to climb out of. If you decide to partner with us for your solar system. You’ll rest assured knowing that you’re on the most direct path to reaping the financial benefits of your solar investment.

Nevertheless, we know that the details matter. Awake Solar provides complete turnkey EPC services (engineering, procurement, and construction). Our track record speaks to the depth of our expertise. With ten years of experience installing solar in Texas. Our team navigates the whole journey with ease, from permitting to final inspection.

We are proud of the value we bring to our customers. However, we derive maximum value when the homeowners and businesses who choose to work with Awake Solar reap the many rewards of solar energy. From saving hundreds (to thousands) on energy bills, to simply knowing that your carbon footprint is a fraction of what it used to be, going solar means taking a leap forward into a clean energy future powered by not only the sun but also the people like you who are leading the way.

Now, More Than Ever Before, Solar Makes Sense

Efficiency improvements, lower hardware costs, and expanded federal incentives are all putting solar within reach for more households and businesses. In fact, the cost of going solar has dropped so quickly that much of the general public is unaware of just how accessible solar has become.

And then there are generous incentives for switching to clean energy. The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit was recently increased to 30% for the next decade. Did you know that the solar tax credit can be carried forward all the way to 2033 to guarantee that homeowners receive the full incentive, no matter their annual tax liability? If you are a business owner, it gets even better. Commercial solar tax credits can be carried back one year, and forward 20 years.

The Savings are Too Big to Ignore!

With over 1,000 residential or commercial projects completed over the past decade, Awake Solar knows a thing or two about going solar in Texas. We’d love to talk to you about your unique considerations. We know that no two situations are the same, and that’s why we’re here for you from start to finish.

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