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Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Questions: What to Ask Solar Companies

Check out the Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Questions at Awake Solar. Find what to ask solar companies for successful installation!

Do you want to install solar panels at your home or office? Are you ready to go solar? If yes, you are at the right place to clear your doubts. Solar Energy is making a big difference worldwide. But a wide range of questions still come up in our minds. These must be answered to avoid all the confusion that arises while choosing solar power over carbon electricity.

Here we discuss 5 Solar Panel Installation Questions

1. How do Solar Panels work?

A solar system is a combination of interconnected solar panels that capture sun rays and convert them into electricity. The panels are designed in such a way that when the rays of the sun strike their surface, the solar cells convert it into DC (Direct Current) electricity. As this type of electricity is not useable for residential or commercial purposes, an inverter transforms DC into Alternating Current (AC). The converted AC electricity is then ready to use in our businesses or homes.

2. Do Solar Panels Work in Cloudy Weather?

Absolutely, Yes! They don't always need direct sunlight because they have the superpower to absorb the UV Rays, even on snowy, cloudy, and rainy days. But remember, solar panels cannot generate electricity during the night; that is why they have excellent power storage.

3. Is Solar Energy Beneficial?

Undoubtedly, Solar Panel Installation in Houston is the best way to save money as your electricity bills will drastically decrease. It also protects you from the increasing future electricity rates. Apart from being a sustainable source of energy that helps the environment, solar panels offer the following benefits:

4. How Durable are Solar Panels?

Most solar panels have an average life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. This period is long enough to cover the initial setup costs.

5. How to Finance Solar System?

There is no denying the fact that solar system installation at home or elsewhere is the best investment ever. You can eliminate most or all of your future electricity costs by opting for solar panels. Are you worried about the finance? Don't be! Solar financing allows you to use instruments such as loans and leases to procure the funds required to purchase a solar system by paying in installments over time rather than out of pocket at the time of purchase. Here are some solar financing options for you:

Wrap Up

Installing solar panels is a huge decision, and you must make the right choice. Awake Solar is the smart choice to go green and invest in solar energy. You also get Federal Solar Tax Credit on your low-maintenance solar system. Experts at Awake Solar assist you throughout the process of designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining. Feel free to contact us at +1 346-978-2791 for any installation, savings, or more queries.